24 May 2015
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The Biodiversity & Environmental Resource Data System of Belize (BERDS) is a community-driven biodiversity and environmental data warehouse and research tool set.

What makes BERDS unique is its integrated spatial approach to data analysis, management and dissemination. BERDS merges a wide array of useful data resources (e.g., documents, people, organisations, projects, specimen collections, datasets, multimedia) with an integrated and comprehensive GIS mapping and analysis capability to form a powerful data visualisation and investigation toolset for research and monitoring efforts.

BERDS is hosted and maintained by Belize Tropical Forest Studies, a Belizean not-for-profit, however, the growth of its data holdings and its long-term financial sustainability are driven by the participation of BERDS' national, regional and international partners.

Since its launch just 9 years ago, BERDS has grown to become the preeminent environmental data resource for Belize. Our data holdings have grown by more than 900%, holding over 7,100 species records, 113,000 data records and providing visual and textual access to over 41 accurate spatial data sets as well as a unique visual-based search facility. There are 5 research case studies explaining how to use the system to solve real-world conservation problems and 11 step-by-step tutorials on using the BERDS facility itself. 30+ national and international organisations and the private sector have joined as active participants and the system has reached levels of financial self-sustainability.

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2006 Annual Report
   Mapping Environmental Data
MappingVisually explore Belize's biodiversity and environment. Search for specimens, find patterns, explore relationships...
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   Site Monitoring System
MonitoringHarness the power of BERDS to help your organisation monitor environmental parameters on-the-ground...
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  Case Studies & Tutorials
Case Studies BERDS is a suite of research tools.
Learn how to apply BERDS to real-world conservation and research questions...
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   Species Spotlight
SpeciesOrder: Frogs and Toads
Taxon: Agalychnis callidryas
Common Name: Red-eyed Treefrog
No. of Specimen Records: 92
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   Recent Data
Recent Data  0 records added in last 30 days
 7,141 species profiles
 112,159 specimen records
 113,405 total data records in geodatabase
BERDS   —   P. O. Box 208   —   Belmopan, BELIZE   —   tel/fax: +501.834.4017   —   RSS
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