23 Sep 2014
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Specimen ID: 112860
Species Profile: Learn MoreView
Scientific Name: Nyctibius grandis
Common Name: Great Potoo
Local Name(s):
Scientific Author: (Gmelin, 1789)
Taxonomic Information:
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata (Craniata)
Class: Aves
Order: Caprimulgiformes
Family: Nyctibiidae
Genus: Nyctibius
Species: grandis
.:. Specimen Location .:.
Locality Map
Status & Threats Information:
National Status: data deficient
IUCN Designation: Least Concern
Known Threats to this Species:data deficient
Demographic Information:
Sex: Unknown
No. of Observed Individuals: 1
Lifestage: Adult
Physiological Information:
Migrant TypeData deficient
Salinity:Data deficient
Substrate/Host? Not Applicable
Locality Information:
Country: BelizeEasting: 289900Map Grid No.: 0 - 
District: Cayo - Northing: 1891245Longitude: data deficient
Latitude: data deficient
Locality: 'Green Hills, Chiquibul Road'Elevation:200 m
Type of Locality: Mainland
Is the Location Inside a Protected Area? Green Hills - View Profile
Physiographic Information:
Geology - Age: Undifferentiated Cretaceous
Geology - New Name: Limestone
Soil Type: Intermittently lime enrichedSoil Suite:Chacalte
Soil Description: Soils formed under conditions of constant lime enrichment (Hard limestone)
Watershed: Belize River - View ProfileGroundwater Province: Maya Mountains
Rainfall Level: within 60-80" (1524 - 2032mm) Isohyet
Ecosystem: 'Agricultural uses'UNESCO Ref. No.: SPA(1)
Description: Agriculture: non mechanized agricultural land uses including unimproved pasture - View Profile
Collector Information:
Basis of Specimen Record: Still Image
Date of Collection: 29.9.2009
No. of Collected individuals: 1
Time of Day: 24.0 hrs
Collector: Meerman, Jan
Collector No.: unknown
Collections Information:
Institution: Belize Tropical Forest Studies
Institution Code: unknown
Collection Code: Gre_Pot_4385.jpg
Catalog No.: Gre_Pot_4385.jpg
Type of Preparation: Picture + sound recording
Species Type Status:
Photographed + call recorded. Picture was vague due to angle and low light conditions, but size comparison pointed to Great Potoo. Call was positively identified by Prof. Mario Cohn-Haft National Amazonian Research Institute (INPA) in Manaus, Brazil.
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